What souvenirs to bring back from the Dominican Republic for your children?

The Dominican Republic is an idyllic holiday destination and has plenty of resources to make your stay a pleasant one. To have plenty of memories of your time there, what better way than to browse the local shops for souvenirs to bring to your children or your family and friends?

Clothing and sandals

Shops in the Dominican Republic sell all sorts of children's T-shirts and sandals. These come with image prints reminiscent of the beach and holidays in the tropics and offer memories that will make an impact on your loved ones. They are available in several sizes, especially the sandals; the Raffia footwear truly reflects the tropical country. There are also caps and straw hats to go with the clothes, also with nice prints of the beach and the sea of the Dominican Republic. For more interesting gift ideas, go to godominicanrepublic.com, the official Dominican Republic tourism website.

Precious stones and jewellery

Children love gems, especially if they are meaningful. So why not go for the one and only larimar, an iconic gemstone of the Dominican Republic? To carry unique memories, jewellery made with this stone is a very interesting option. Girls will love a pretty bracelet or earrings while little boys will be delighted to have a necklace decorated with this stone. Pale blue and sky blue, larimar is also called the dolphin stone on the island, representing peace and clarity, so it is a very original gift that is sure to please. There is also the Dominican amber which is one of the most coveted stones in the world. This stone is available in several colours: yellow, blue, white, green and even red, and is also carved into jewellery. 

Board games and musical instruments

Bringing back board games from the Dominican Republic is a great souvenir gift idea for children. There's no better way to keep them entertained and their brains stimulated. For this purpose, you can go for puzzle games with different pictures such as the sea, the beach or any other place reminiscent of this heavenly place. The island is also famous for its music. The local shops sell mini musical instruments for this purpose, which will delight the little musicians in the making. You can choose between a guitar, a ukulele, tom-toms or a flute.

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