Flight, documents, currency…Your practical guide the Dominican Republic

Are you planning a long trip to the Dominican Republic? You need to start by finding the best itinerary for your journey, which will help you to realise that the Dominican Republic is the place to be, thanks, especially to the ever-growing Punta Canas resort! Behind this concrete coliseum lies something truly fascinating and plenty of history and natural settings. The island was the gateway through which European explorers reached the Americas. However, apart from the tourist attractions, you should also know the entry requirements.

The Dominican Republic entry requirements

The Dominican Republic issues tourist, business, study and residence visas. The first type is granted to one or more visitors. In case the stay exceeds 1 month, an exit visa corresponding to the total duration of the stay must be obtained. The amount must be paid at the airport immigration office at the time of departure. Passengers and crew members under the age of five are exempt from this procedure. Some entry conditions into the Dominican Republic are found in this link. Indeed, travellers showing health signs or positive test results will be quarantined and monitored by a special authority. For peace of mind, check the rules for flights to the Dominican Republic with the airline and the airport of arrival before departure.

The Dominican Republic's main attractions

The Dominican Republic was the first country in the Americas to build a cathedral, a hospital and a university and Santo Domingo has overtaken Cuba as the most popular Caribbean destination. Surprisingly, there are few reminders of the conquest or the colonial period. The Spaniards went in search of gold and soon took over Mexico and Peru. But the real wealth of Santo Domingo lies not only in the typical Caribbean cocktail but also in a large number of fascinating landscapes and experiences that can be had by exploring the whole island. Visiting the Dominican Republic also happens to be a human and cultural discovery.

The places you should visit in the Dominican Republic?

Ranging between beaches and green nature, sun and music, smiling people and endemic fauna,the Dominican Republic has many assets. The country's capital, Santo Domingo, was the first city built on American soil. The cobbled streets of the colonial quarter and the church of the Hospital de San Nicolás de Bar bear witness to this. Don't miss a visit to the Casas Reales museum. Imagine lying on a sun lounger in the middle of a beach, surrounded by palm trees, the sun is shining, local music is played and rum is flowing in your cocktail! What more could you want when the locals are so friendly? This is a paradise that will soon overtake Cuba on the best Caribbean destinations list.

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