Discovering Ocoa bay, the only vineyard in the Caribbean

Like France and many other countries in the world, the Dominican Republic is a wine producing country. It is home to the one and only vineyard in the Caribbean, Ocoa Bay. This unique winery attracts many tourists, especially wine and wine tourism enthusiasts. It is well worth a visit during a trip to the archipelago.

A stunning wine estate

The Dominican Republic is considered the first holder of vineyards in the Americas, long before Mexico. Its conqueror, Hernan Cortés, began cultivating vines in Ocoa Bay to produce vin de messe. This Ocoawines winery is located about 120 km west of Santo Domingo. It lies between a mountain range and a pebble beach and is characterised by a lush forest. This wild vineyard is the passion of the winemaking staff. The region's wine producers are starting several trials (Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, etc.) to meet the needs of consumers. They travel the world to train with experienced winemakers.

Visiting Ocay Bay in the Caribbean

Planning a trip from Santo Momingo to Ocoa Bay is a must on any tour of the Caribbean, specifically the Dominican Republic. Very pleasant, this winery project run by an American, a Dominican and a Colombian is the only winery in the Caribbean. Since 2014, the producers have been offering a quality wine tasting to visitors. The offer includes tapas, glasses of wine, access to the vineyard and the pool. The pool offers a magnificent view of the bay. The programme is not to be missed for a great day of relaxation and wine tasting. Facing the sea, this vineyard plantation covers an area of more than 8 hectares.

A stopover you cannot afford to miss

Ocoa Bay is a must-see during a stay in the Caribbean. This beautiful place is located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. It is home to beautiful modern houses. These buildings stand along a winding road by the sea. On the carefully planted vineyards, tourists will see bougainvillea along the paths. There is a restaurant on the estate. Visitors can enjoy delicious food and wine on the shaded terrace. The producers offer a wide range of beverages to consumers: red, white or rosé, products that allow to please win lovers and to highlight the local production.

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