Las Salinas: from the pink lake to the dunes of Bani

The Dominican Republic will always surprise you with its exceptional natural landscape. Today, you are going to leave for an exceptional destination, worthy of a postcard. Discover Las Salinas, and the surprises this destination has to offer right from the moment you arrive. Don't forget to immortalise your stay in this unique destination. Also, take part in various activities on site to enrich your trip.

Discovering the Pink Lake

Imagine an entire body of water, pink in colour, in front of you. Yes, this is the beautiful setting you will see during your visit to Las Salinas. This pink lake changes colour throughout the day and all shades of pink will be present to give you a unique show in the world. Dusk is the best time to admire the beauty of the place. The sun's rays tenderly embrace the pink lake to give you an original mix of colours. You will also have the same spectacle in the morning, but you have to wake up early. Don't hesitate to stop for a swim, or simply to rest on the shores of the lake. Herons and flamingos will be in your company during these moments.

The Dunes of Bani

After visiting the shores of the pink lake, you can go directly to the Dunes of Bani. It is an atypical desert, with a mixture of dunes, greenery, and the sea just a few kilometres away. So you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere on the beach after a long journey through the desert. Don't forget your bottle of water, your beach gear, and especially your sunscreen. Be very careful during your crossing, as you may encounter large iguanas. The highlight of the trip will be the sunset, so don't miss this intense moment.

La Playa Punta Salinas

You'll have all the makings of a great destination at Playa Punta. This beach is located on your route during your discovery of Las Salinas. Several activities will be at your disposal on the spot. You will be able to relax on your deckchair, while enjoying the view which rises in front of you. Palm trees, blue-turquoise sea, fine sandy beaches, and the perfect combination for a unique holiday. You can also ride the waves on a surfboard. Other activities, such as boat trips and even scuba diving are available for your enjoyment. The local gastronomy will also surprise you, so don't hesitate to try some of the local dishes.

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