Is it possible to explore the El Limon waterfall without a tour guide?

When you decided to go to the Dominican Republic for your next trip, you certainly did some research on the destination. One thing you certainly noticed is that it is a beautiful place that welcomes all types of travellers. The latters can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, the multiple activities and the impressive spots. Speaking of spots, the El Limon waterfall is one of the must-see places in the north of the country! 

What you should know before visiting El Limon Waterfall

The El Limon waterfall is a magnificent 45m high waterfall. Located in the heart of a tropical forest in the northeast of the Dominican Republic in the province of Samana, it is a perfect spot to recharge your batteries. The best part is that this place can be visited with or without a tour guide. If your expedition is offered by the hotel where you are staying, you will be accompanied by a local guide. He or she will detail the natural features of the site for you. However, on an unguided tour, you can walk around freely as the path is signposted. To do so, wear good trainers and more importantly,  don't forget your swimming suit!

Freshen up in the middle of a tropical forest!

After walking the path to the El Limon waterfall, you deserve a moment to cool off in the natural pool. You can stand under the wall of water to enjoy a unique natural massage. In addition to swimming in the natural pool and the water massage, jumps from a certain altitude are also possible. You can jump from an altitude of 5 or 10 metres. The change of scenery is comprehensive in the heart of this wild jungle with the fresh emerald coloured water, its sound and the green moss covering the rock walls. Your body, as well as your mind, will certainly enjoy it. It would be a perfect moment of escape from daily life!

Various ways of enjoying your visit

The El Limon waterfall is one of the must-see attractions in the Dominican Republic. Luckily for you, you can reach it on foot or horseback. You will discover impressive fauna and flora with the dense vegetation and the omnipresent birds. It is also possible to go there by car to the village El Limon or to practice canyoning in the Rio El Limon to reach the waterfall. You can choose between free or group tours. To make the most of your journey, choose a tour that takes place early in the morning to avoid the crowds. It is important to know that on the self-guided excursion, some tour guides may offer their services, sometimes fiercely, but you are always free to say no!  

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