Is it possible to take your drone to the Dominican Republic?

Technology has taken root in our daily lives. Whether it's taking pictures, helping you wake up or even documenting an event, technology has become an indispensable asset. Among the most popular technological gadgets is the drone. This small flying device is very popular due to its lightness and ease of use. It combines the ability of a bird to fly with that of a camera. With this equipment, taking images from several hundred metres above the ground has never been easy. However, bringing one into a foreign country is not always allowed. For your next visit to the Dominican Republic, it is useful to know the regulation around this equipment before you can bring it into the country.

Are there any special regulations for drones in the Dominican Republic?

In order to be able to travel peacefully in this part of the world, you must know that the use and introduction of a drone on the Dominican territory is regulated. Indeed, if you present yourself at customs with a drone, there will certainly be some complexities to face if you are not familiar with the regulations. For drones weighing more than two kilograms, it is ideal to obtain a license from the IDAC or Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation. For drones that weigh less than this, applying for a license is optional. However, it is recommended that you obtain a licence to avoid customs asking you to pay any tax on your drone.

When should you apply for a licence?

This step is very important for people who plan to take drones weighing more than two kilograms. In order to have a pleasant stay in the Dominican Republic, it will be necessary to think about listing the times of use of the drone in question. The drone follows strict regulations in this country and the IDAC must have in its possession information on the date, place and duration of each planned take-off. In order to do all this, you will generally need to complete your application a month before your departure.

Some examples of requirements for using a drone in this country

For safety reasons, it is forbidden, for example, to fly a drone in the vicinity of an airport, within eight kilometres of it. Furthermore, the maximum permitted distance between the pilot and the aircraft is exactly one hundred and twenty-two metres. It is therefore important that the pilot has control over the drone and has a constant overview of it. In order to avoid accidents, it is also strongly recommended that the drone be flown at a time of day when visibility is good.

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