How to make an eco-responsible trip to the Dominican Republic?

Travelling around the Dominican Republic is an excellent idea for those who are interested in responsible travel and ecotourism. This destination is rich in biodiversity and lush nature. By visiting this country, you will have the opportunity to relax in a dream like setting.

What is eco-friendly travel?

Eco-responsible travel is about visiting a country while taking full account of current and future social, environmental and economic impacts, as well as meeting all the business needs of the host communities and the environment. Making an eco-responsible trip allows you to respond to major principles for sustainable development. You have the opportunity to reduce negative impacts on the environment and be more responsible. In addition, you also have the opportunity to reduce poverty, contribute financially to the protection of biodiversity and respect your hosts, their culture and their nature.

Eco-friendly trip to the Dominican Republic

On your eco-responsible trip to the Dominican Republic, you can discover different cultures and destinations while testing out alternative low carbon offers. Enjoy hiking in the region, discovering the islands, by bike or on foot and with or without a guide. It is also possible to take an ecological cruise in a traditional boat or a catamaran sailboat. You should also limit the waste of natural resources, avoid standardisation in hotels and meet local people. In addition, in order to contribute to positive economic development, you should also purchase the products and services of sustainable travel.

Good practices for a successful eco-responsible trip

In order to have a successful eco-responsible trip, it is important to follow the right rules of conduct. First of all, you can book your trip directly without commission or intermediaries. Use committed travel agencies or a booking platform. Secondly, you should look for accommodation that has a quality label. After that, don't forget to choose a more intimate time of year to avoid the "over-tourism" effect. When you travel, you must adopt ecological gestures. For example, don't overuse the air-conditioning in summer and the heating in winter, avoid waste, respect the heritage, make yourself useful (take part in solidarity events) and practise activities that respect the environment (collect rubbish on the beach, etc.), reduce carbon dioxide emissions, make your trip carbon-neutral by offsetting your carbon footprint, etc. The other way to have a successful eco-responsible trip is to get inspiration from bloggers specialising in ecotourism and sustainable tourism.

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